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bajatacosBaja Tacos is a tiny oasis of fast friendly cheap deliciousness in the otherwise boring-yet-stressfull blur of Cerrillos Rd. in Santa Fe, NM.  Despite the name, I always go for a burrito here – pictured is the tofu and bean burrito, smothered with green chile. There is nothing particularly spectacular about the individual parts of this dish, BUT together they create a truly special and deeply satisfying trifecta of burrito precision. Sturdy, comfortingly mushy, and mildly seasoned beans and tofu are wrapped in a chewy tortilla swimming in perfectly spicy green chile sauce of the best consistency (there may be corn starch involved and I don’t care) and hidden beneath a plentiful topping of crunchy iceberg, chopped tomatoes and shredded cheddar cheese.  The resulting burrito is so texturally interesting yet sloppy, light yet spicy, and just simply yummy, you won’t be able to stop eating it until you realize you are way too full. And then you’ll finish it anyway.  Washing it down with the (rare for me) ice cold fountain coke really makes it pop, AND makes is a serious deal at $5.99.  Not to be missed in Santa Fe.  No seating inside, drive thru/takeout and neat concrete tables out front.

2621 Cerrillos Road / Santa Fe, NM


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